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About us

La Criolla is a traditional family owned estancia in Argentina. The family bought the land and Facilities from a British Company in 1953 and since then has managed cattle and agriculture. We host hunters and live in the ranch all year long. Parallel to the farming, since the 90's we started hosting more and more hunters that came to the area attracted by the province of Santa Fe known as a wing shooting paradise. Since 2002 the massive growth of the dove population and the arrival of a new generation made us take the decision to grow on the Lodging and Hunting operation.

Why Hunt with us?

We are pioneers of high-volume dove hunting and the first upmarket lodge in Santa Fe (Argentina). Our experience of more than 15 years offering hunting, 100% of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world, careful logistics, and a safe and friendly environment make La Criolla the best choice to have the most unforgettable bird hunt in Argentina. Hundreds of discerning sportsmen have shot with us time and time again, and they keep returning to enjoy our hospitality and great hunting programs. Don't take a chance with your shooting holiday-our bird hunting trips are truly unmatched!